What do you think of having had access to wikispaces this year?
What have you learned?
What have you taught?
Why should you have access to wikispaces at school?

I think having wikispaces was awesome because we got to work together and we could email each other. One other cool thing was we could design web pages and we could put surveys and videos on our web pages. I have learned how to change the colors of the font from nick and I have also learned how not to overwrite somebody else's work when editing. I have also learned that there are other options to show what we know instead of worksheets. I have not taught people that much because they were usually teaching but when I did teach someone I taught them how to change the font and color.
I think we should have access because we can show what we know without doing BORING worksheets. Plus we can stay in touch over summer. I just think wikispaces is a faster and fun way to do things.

1. It's really cool..kids tend to love to use computers..so instead of posterboard projects or book reports wikispaces makes it fun..It's also really easy to use..
2. I have mostly learned about other people on wikispaces..wikispaces aren't just about making your own projects...You can see what other peoples' ideas are like, too..Emma was just looking over my shoulder to see what my ideas are for this page..Sometimes the other kids even let you give feedback for their pages..That's really fun to do..
3. I haven't taught much...people have mostly taught me...Ms.White has told us a lot about wikispaces...It's cool when your teacher tells you what you're actually doing :)..
4. Wikispaces at school...it should be a rule...I think wikispaces altogether is about learning...About other people, subjects, and even yourself...Wikispaces isn't boring either, because it's not about typing essays..you can put cool fonts and colors to make your page more eyepopping...Surveys are also cool ways to use your wikispace..Wikispaces isn't about tests or packets... it's about SPACES and learning and just having some way of entertaining while you work.

Wikispaces should be for everyone, and I highly recommend them.

1. I have learned a lot on wikispaces. We get to do a lot of fun projects.
2. Wikispaces is so awesome. It's a lot of fun we get to email each other.
3. It's like a mini learning kit for learning things on the computer.
4. Wikispaces is my favorite place on the computer.

1. I think having access to Wikispaces this year was great. It inspired me to go on in life and do big things because we get to design web pages learn stuff and have fun. It inspired me to do big things in my life because I did surveys that got responses from people in Flordia and my friends so it tells me that if you do something fun it can be a big success too.

2. I have learned to have fun while doing educational work. Wikispaces has really helped me this year.

3. I have taught my friends and teachers about Adolf Hitler and I have put together a Diabetes cook book. I love it how we get to decide what we wat to research and we get to conduct our own research . I think my Diabetes cook book will be a big success.

4. We should have access to Wikispaces at school because we can make a web page instead of a power point for a project. We also have fun when writing our web pages instead of just typing a project on Word. I think every kid should have the privilege of Wikispaces.

1. I think that wikispaces is educational because you can make any kind of web page you want. The cool thing is that you can ask questions on email.
2.Wikispaces is very fun for kids and teachers too.
3.On Wikispaces you can talk to people all around the world.
4.You may be able to talk to celebrities in all different countries and states.

1. I think wikispaces is the greatest way to express ideas to the world. You can also see other peoples personalities.
2.I was never really good at using computers, but now I made my own pages in wikispaces and I know all about how to do it.
3.This year I taught someone how to change their icon. It was fun to feel like a teacher for a little while.
4. We could get better grades if we discuss on wikispaces. We would talk about ideas and thoughts for projects. Two heads are better than one!!!


1. I think having wikispaces was a good way to learn how to use a computer in a good way.
2. I have learned how to make a webpage without taking anything else out.
4. I think wikispaces is an educational way to learn about any subject and share your thoughts.

I think that having access to Wikispaces has been fun because we can share our thoughts and fun activities that people can see and edit. We can edit anybody's page and create our own pages.I learned through Wikispaces that kids can have their own pages too and that we can have FUN! I also taught that having a daily update can be a good thing and that George Bush is a republican but not all republicans are the way he is. I think we should have access at school because we can talk about things that are going on around the school to keep kids updated about what is going on.


1. I learned a lot of new computer techniques while having fun!
2. We got to write about cool subjects and share our thoughts.
3. Wikispaces helped us learn stuff we would do when we grow up.
4. We could communicate online with other people just like email. It taught us to type better and write better.
5. We got to go online to get information for our subjects we were writing on and had a fun time.

6. We learned to insert surveys, images, files, movies, and links to wikispaces.
7. I learned how to make a movie because of wikispaces.

1! That it is a good way for us students to communicate and share ideas
2! I have learned other people opinions on the same subjects that i'm interested in
3! I figured out how to put videos on a page and taught most people
4! Because it is educational


1. I think wikispaces was one of the best things Ms. White could have done. It really shows you that their are no limitations on what you can do. All of us are ecstatic that what shows up on that screen is what we typed.
2. We have learned a lot of things, and I can't decide what to tell you. But we do have tons of ideas to share.
3.I have taught a lot of things,but mostly it was about politics.
4.Wikispaces helps one to learn about lots of things and it's a lot easier because of spellcheck.=)

Wikispaces is a great way to communicate with people from all over the world. You can send emails, make web pages, work on projects, the possibilities are endless! You can communicate with each other and do projects and write things to help people and solve problems in the world. One thing I learned is that when you work hard, as a group or alone, trying to solve something it comes out as a big success.