Our wikispace has evolved over the past few months as we have explored and experimented to create pages. Initially, all of the students wanted to create a web page and each of us worked on our own. As we realized we could work on each others', and that keeping up our own individual page was work, the pages became more collaborative and we started to pair off to create pages. We have moved those individual pages to a space called Crozet5thStudentPages , and since many of them created game lists, we created a space for those separately (Crozet5thGamePages ). What's left linked to here on the left is the list of collaborative pages we have done or are doing.

Our initial greeting read:

Crozet's fifth graders are using this space to collaborate and hold online discussions of classroom topics. Please feel free to peruse our work and comment to your child. All work is monitored and approved by school staff before being loaded onto this site.

Thank you for visiting!

Crozet's fifth graders

We'd still love feedback and comments but our wikis are protected from just anyone editing them and just anyone writing us on wikimail. Please write us at whitesclass@k12albemarle.org to comment, if you'd like to do so.

Looking to hear from you,
White's wikikids