Ms. White was the best teacher I ever had! She pushed me to go past what I thought I could do and she was always encouraging-Ryan

Ms. White taught us many things about computers and she is really funny too. --Drew

Ms.White was the best teacher I have ever had. She made our classes very fun and we still learned a lot. Ms.White will be a great memory for our 5th grade year at Crozet Elementary. Nicholas

Ms.White is the best teacher ever. She taught me sooooo much about computers. Before I could not even find the on button on it, but now I'm really great at the computer. Thank you, Ms.White for everything. I wish you could come to Henley with us.

A tremendous thanks to Andy, Karley, Melanie, Drew, Emily and Seamore who came and helped work in the room! It made a HUGE difference! AND, they even did some LP into MP3 work--several learned how to burn CDs June 11!

You guys ROCK!!!!